Headlines don’t show the real Middle East

1 Comment 10 January 2013

By Sonia Baydoun
Unis Middle School

“Even though I have never seen the Middle East, I believe that there is beauty in all nature”, says Anthony Amorose, a United States history teacher in Unis Middle School, “I always knew that the beauty was there, but never went to see it.

Yes, it’s true. the Middle East contains some of the most beautiful sights many have ever seen. Why is no one noticing the beauty that the Middle East has to offer? Here’s your answer: the media.

“The media makes the Middle Easterners seem like terrorists.” “The media disrespects the Middle East and blames them as a whole and not as individuals”, say 8th grade journalism students,Hussein Ajrouche and Mustapha Jaber.

They are right. The media have only shown the wars and have forced stereotypical thoughts into the American citizens’ minds. After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the American invasion of Iraq, the pictures that have leaked to the media are taking over t the world’s perspective on the Middle East.

“Isn’t the Middle East hot and dry?” says 8th grade student Heidi Newman. When she was asked why she thought that, what do you think her answer was? If the guess was the media, than give yourself a pat on the back!

Yes, the media, really what else would put that idea in her head?

The real Middle East is beautiful; it has culture and a story to it. Turkey, which is in the Middle East, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Turkey is also picked by most of the students to visit after seeing a picture of the Tortum waterfall. Oh, and did I mention its located in the Middle East?

After seeing pictures, these were their reactions:

Anthony Amorose: “The sights are pleasing to the eye and comfortable to be around.”

Hussein Ajrouche: “Most sights look peaceful and worth seeing.”

Mustapha Jaber: “Beautiful! Love the natural beauty.”

Despite the headlines, the Middle East is not all war and conflict. The entire region holds such a depth of beauty, mystery and history like so many magnificent places on Earth.

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  1. Susan says:

    Great story Sonia! It is interesting and very well written.

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