Infractions, tardies down under PBIS

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Unis Middle School

Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a behavior system at Unis Middle School. PBIS works by having students carry around an infraction card and a tardy card. For each infraction, the consequences get worse and worse. If someone gets a fifth infraction, they will get a detention. Same thing for tardys. Here is what the teachers at Unis say about PBIS.

Fady Soueidan is assistant principal at Unis Middle School. So far, he says PBIS is improving students’ behavior. “I think it helps them track their own behavior. The focus and tardy card helps them see what’s going on and what they need to improve on,” says Mr. Soueidan. He also says the rules for PBIS are not strict enough. He said it’s too flexible for students to monitor their behavior.

Donna Barranger is a language arts teacher at Unis Middle School and plays a big role in the PBIS program. She says the tardies since last year have greatly decreased. “I feel the main thing PBIS is doing is helping students see how many times they get in trouble.” She also says that PBIS encourages students to improve their behavior so they can attend PBIS activities such as field trips and basketball games.

Nancy Wilkie, the counselor at Unis Middle School, says PBIS is helping the majority of students. “I think they can see exactly where they’re at. Also, for some kids, wings and the wing drawings encourage kids to improve their behavior.” She also said that she would like to see more field trips. She would also like to see activities to be much more consistent. She says that the main accomplishment for PBIS is the number of tardies received. Tardies have gone way down since PBIS was introduced. Tardies have gone down a blistering 56%!

All in all, teachers and counselors says that PBIS is helping students a lot. Also, most students agree with the teachers. A student who received 10 infractions last year has so far gotten one, a vast improvement. So, for now PBIS is working just fine but has more room for improvement.

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