Kozmor: teacher, paramedic, toymaker, DJ

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Steve Kozmor

Steve Kozmor

By Fatima Bouhamdan

Steve Kozmor teaches wood shop at Unis but he also has done a lot more. The 47-year-old teacher once worked in Hollywood designing special effects for movies and shows. He also is a DJ, toy designer and a former paramedic.

“If someone was to tell me that I can’t make up my mind I would agree with them and say they are right,” Kozmor said

Kozmor was born in Milan, Michigan in 1965 and grew up in New Boston. He had his own company called the Plastic and Science Company. “I made T-shirts. Also objects made out of plastic for museums,” Kozmor said. He worked for Henry Ford Musem, making plastic cases.

Eventually, he wound up in Hollywood,where he was special effects designer for many different shows and movies, including People Under The Stairs, Army of Darkness, and the first Scream. He also worked for Disney.

Kozmor started teaching in 1994. His current hobbies include restoring old cars. He has four 1960 Edsels and they are the only examples of that make and year in Michigan.

Kozmor really enjoys holidays as well. “Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I celebrate it all month long in October because I love to scare people,” Kozmor said. He also likes Thanksgiving because he gets to spend time with family.

Another of Kozmor’s hobbies is photography. He used to shoot wedding photos and videos. He stopped taking the photos and videos because he got annoyed by people not liking them and saying they didn’t look good.

His favorite sports are hockey, baseball, and football.

Kozmor also likes to make toys. He has invented and made four different toys “I started making toys because I tried looking online for kits for kids to make but I found nothing cool or interesting for kids so I decided to start making my own toys,” Kozmor said. He has made the Hydraulic Grabber, Electromagnetic Grabber, Distorter, and is currently working on a Solar Powered Windmill. He is planning to have a website called Kozmic toys to sell kits of his toys for kids or anyone to make.

“I like the toy company the best because it is fun,”Kozmor said.

Kozmor is not married. He has been skydiving and bungee jumping. He has some advice about skydiving. “Make sure you have insurance before you go.” He is a professional DJ and has a lot of expensive equipment. He has strobe lights.

“He is really nice, his toy inventions are cool, and even after all the work he gives us he is still nice, “says Salena Campbell, an 8th grade Unis student.

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