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Wings display the school's Aviator.

By Issa Daher
Unis Middle School

Yes, that’s right. just like you have a mini mart around the corner, we have a school store down the hall. Unis Middle School’s PBIS program uses tickets with wings to buy items from the school store. We have been using this program at Unis, where the team name is the Aviators, for two years. Unis uses the program to improve behavior.

At the school store you can redeem the wings, which you have receive when you have have good behavior. You can buy items like jerseys, Ipod cases, pencils, pens, footballs, etc. You can earn wings by finishing your homework, being quiet, helping someone, or even picking trash off the floor.

Some kids try not to even earn wings because they think it’s a waste of time, and they think they are too cool for school. Some kids think that teachers don’t give enough wings. Hani Gehaf said, “The teachers don’t give out as much wings because the kids don’t want to behave properly.”

Some kids say the wings dosn’t change the behavior in school, and some say they do. A lot of kids had improved their behavior because they want to earn as many wings as they can. Khalil Shuayto said “The first time the wings came out, the kids have changed their attitude and behavior in a good way. The teachers haven’t given out enough wings so far, so the consequence is that the students will act more poorly.”

A lot of kids somewhat dislike that you can use wings only in the school store. Principal Heyam Alcodray and the PBIS committee try to make more use of the wings. One thing you can do if you have wings, you can put your wings in raffles. Osama Alatairy said, “We should use wings to get rid of your infractions.” He also said “We should have the ability to use the wings to buy snacks from the school store.”

The wings program is a great idea, and we should keep on using it. The wings have helped with the behavior, and that’s another reason why we should keep on using the wings program.

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  1. Ali Farhat says:

    Great Story Issa :D Keep Up The Good Work :)

  2. Ibraham Dabaja says:

    Love This Story <3 This Story Has Great Detail And A Awesome Topic :D

  3. Ibraham Dabaja says:

    Love this story I read this story about 3 times so far. Good job :D

  4. Khalil Shuayto says:

    Great story keep up the great work. :D

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