Often, Plan B gets an A+ for happiness

2 Comments 11 January 2013

By Heba Elsayed
Unis Middle School

Have you ever aspired to do something but the opportunity never came? Well, you’re not alone. Many people have childhood dreams that are never fulfilled.

Teacher Linda Haidar had a desire to become a teacher, but her true passion was cooking. She still wanted to become a teacher because she had wonderful teachers and wanted to be just like them, but in her spare time she still cooks for her family.

David Bates, a science teacher wanted to become an astronaut but he didn’t because he found out that to become an astronaut it would take him too long to get the degree. Eli Thomas, a supermarket owner, wanted to become a farmer but his family had neither money nor a farm. When Mr. Thomas’ family traveled from Iraq to Michigan, they didn’t have any money but his uncle had a supermarket, so he works there.

Mrs. Haidar choose to be a teacher so she can have a family, work in the morning and have her nights free. Mr. Bates chose to become a teacher because he thought it might be fun. Mr. Thomas started working at a supermarket with his uncle because he needed a job to support his family.

Mrs. Haidar delayed or actually stopped thinking about being a chef because she felt proud of helping kids learn. Mr. Bates still wishes he would have became a doctor, but the pleasure of teaching keeps him in school. Mr. Thomas dreamed of becoming a farmer but now he is very happy working as the owner of a supermarket.

I asked these three people the same question. ”if you had the chance to hit the reset button on your life, would you and what is it that would you change?”

Ms. Haidar’s reply was, “if I could do this all over again I’d probably still be a teacher. I feel great accomplishment when I know I’ve taught a child something new. It gives me pleasure but I still cook for my family so I have the best of both worlds.”

Mr. Bates said, “if I restarted my life I would still be a teacher, but I would at least learn more about psychology.”

Mr. Thomas said, “I wouldn’t actually change anything in my life because I think it’s perfect.”

When I asked them how they felt when they didn’t become what they wanted to be Mrs. Haidar said, “it gives me happiness to teach, but I still have great pleasure cooking and enjoy when people like my food”. Mr. Bates said “it would actually be nice to be an astronaut and feel special for going in space.” Mr. Thomas said, “I have no loss of being a farmer. I am much happier now.”

They agreed that we will always find our way, whether it’s a student loan or government assistance. If we stay determined, we find the way.

And it’s okay to change your path in life.

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  1. Zeinab Elmoussaoui says:

    good job! great story :)

  2. Susan says:

    Awesome story Heba!

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