History, weapons star in new Assassins

0 Comments 10 January 2013

By Houssein Ajrouche
Unis Middle School

In Assassins Creed 3, you replay all the important events that led to America’s revolution. You replay events such as the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and The battles of Lexington and Concord. A new character, Conner, is added to these historic events.

Osama Altairy said Connor “is different because he was born into Templar descent.”

Ali Mokbel added, “Conner is Native American and a better fighter.”

Both are correct, but what gives Conner the real edge over former assassins is the unique set of skills that he receives from his Native American heritage. “Conner is half Native American due to his mother and half British from his father, Haythem,” said Mokbel, Conner’s father left his mother when Conner was born, but passed along his skills.

In this game you can also hunt deer, elk, bear and other animals. There are lots of new weapons to select and purchase such as tomahawks and guns. You can also choose classic weapons that were for previous assassins such as the dual hidden-blade.

“Yes, the game reached my expectations because it was a great game and had great features,” said Ali Hamoud. Assassins Creed 3 sold 3.5 million copies the first week. “I think they sold so many copies because it takes place during America’s Revolution and has great weapons,” Altairy said.

There is also downloadable content that comes free with an activation code when you purchase the game new due to an activation code. “The DLC is great, the extra missions are fun, especially the limited-edition sword,” said Hamoud.

Makbel said, “What I learned is that America had to fight Britain for their freedom. They had to fight a bloody war that was later called the Revolutionary War.”

Assassins’ creed 3 has given gamers a chance to learn while having fun.

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