Hollywood Undead fans love ‘Notes’

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Hollywood Undead Notes from the Underground http://homeworks-get.com/?mining=cloud-mining-profitability-comparison By Sonia Baydoun
Unis Middle School

An American rap/rock band, Hollywood Undead was formed in 2005 after Jorel Decker (J-Dog) and Aron Erlichman (Deuce) picked the name from a song called “The Kids.” J-Dog and Deuce then recruited “whoever was in the room and can play instruments” who turned out to be Jeff Philips (Shady), George Ragan (Johnny 3 Tears), Jordon Terrell (Charlie Scene), Dylan Alvarez (Funny Man), and Matthew St. Claire (Da Kurlzz).

This year, Hollywood Undead dropped its eighth album, “Notes from the Underground.” The Hollywood Undead nation is raving! Hollywood Undead has never sounded better. They come out each time with, somewhat of a BANG! The impact they have on their fans and how they have helped them are rather phenomenal.

Fatima Ajrouche, a 9th grade Hollywood Undead fan says, “I think Hollywood brings happiness to my life. They are so, just like their voices, beautiful and their lyrics are inspirational! They help a lot of people who are in the phase of cutting or being suicidal. They totally help alter those depressing emotions when you just put in your headphones and zone out to their music you just forget about everything! “Notes from the Underground” is beyond amazing. I just really love it.”

Hollywood Undead has kind of created a bond with fans. Hollywood Undead fans look up to and respect them because the American rap/rock band has helped so many of them. There are other ways to use their music, especially their newest album “Notes from the Underground.”

“Hollywood Undead is awesome!” says Ahmed Alkhalil, an 11th grade rocker, “’Notes from the Underground’ is amazing. The music helps me work out. It has a striving feeling to it when you just listen to them.”

Hollywood Undead can be motivation to work at something, as Alhhalil said it helps him work out. Sometimes Hollywood Undead is just a band that you like to listen to.

“The album rocks!” says Selena Saleh, an 11th grade hipster, “They’re an amazing band and their lyrics are always fun to listen to.”

“Notes from the Underground” is an album you will never forget. If these reactions got you curious to hear Hollywood Undead, follow this link to the iTunes store and hear what the Hollywood Undead nation is listening to.

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  1. Susan says:

    Great story Sonia

  2. heba says:

    how nice i never knew they were a band

  3. Fawzieh Jouni says:

    Okay I might not be in school but I love this band…

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