Locator chips on students raises privacy question

3 Comments 12 March 2013

By Hawraa Beydoun
Unis Middle School

Texas schools can now force students to wear locator tags when they are on school property. According to Reuters, the school had the right to expel a sophomore from Jay High School because she refused to wear the radio frequency identification chip that all students are required to wear. The judge has refused to allow the student back to school while the case is going through the courts.

Allen Takata

Allen Takata

This may not be a major issue in Michigan right now, but it is in Texas and can happen in Michigan. It would be not just for students that are continually missing out on school and that have behavior issues, but all students, good or bad. Any student that refuses to wear the locator chip can be expelled from the school or forced to leave if they are not happy with the school’s decision.

The school use the technology to locate students who are in the building but not in their classrooms where they belong. The chip works only within range of the detectors, which are in the school building.

Not all parents favor the policy. Unis Middle School science teacher Allen Takata said, “that it is a violation of the students’ privacy.” He said he would definitely not allow the school to put a locator chip on his two children. “That it is a little bit going to far.”

Hussein Faraj

Hussein Faraj

Hussein Faraj, an eighth grader at Unis, said he wouldn’t come to school if it had location tracking technology and his parents wouldn’t allow it.

He said if Unis Middle School was to put locator chips on students then he would probably choose to leave. “They don’t need it because the kids are going to be in class.”

I honestly think that this is an invasion of privacy but is also a really good idea because it will decrease the number of dropouts and low grades.

I think it would work very well with the students that skip class, barely come to school, always get suspended and who have low grades. Those students’ parents should approve of it because the school is trying to help their child.

If they don’t take serious action now, they certainly won’t be able to do it in the future and the students will get worse over the time.

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  1. Nice Job HAwraa! Love your story <3

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    Great Story Hawraa! loved it

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