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Familes handle grief by being together

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Unis Middle School

Binäre optionen in der schweiz What is the best possible way to find grief after someone you loved very much has passed away? Should you just let it out or keep it in? You can never run away or hide from death.

follow site What can you do to get some grief? Most people just collapse into each other’s arms and let it all out. Do you think crying would help or would it just make you feel worse?

Haider Alatiar, an 8th grader at Unis Middle School, lost his uncle, Abdullah, to a heart attack. Obviously, for his family it was hard to deal with since he was like a second father to him. He and his family and him just let it all out, together. As Haider says, “It did help to let it out. We all felt better than we did before we just cried it out.”

Hussein Barakat, also an 8th grader at Unis, lost his grandfather, Mohamed. He said that after his grandpa passed away his family fell apart. They stopped talking to one another and family businesses just stopped going smoothly. To express their grief, they all let it out together and had a meeting about all the consequences. Hussein said, “It was definitely hard, but we made it through these hard times.”

Nadeen Berro, yet another 8th grader at Unis also had her grandfather of about 87 years to a heart attack two years ago. She said, “At first no one told me or my mom because we weren’t supposed to know. To get some grief we just let it all out after we found out. It was hard to deal with at first then I realized that he is out of his misery and pain.”

Certainly, letting it out did help. Though, grieving is difficult, you can do it with the help of your friends and family. Help each other out at hard times and comfort each other, too.

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  1. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Great Story you guys did an amazing job!

  2. Mrs. McBain says:

    Great story…I am so glad you continued to write….you are wonderful…keep telling stories…

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