School lunches: We need to make them healthier

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A student going thrugh a cafeteria line makes her selectons.

Students need to have more healthy choices in the school cafeteria line./Photo by Hawraa Beydoun

By Hawraa Beydoun
Unis Middle School

Schools assume that the lunches they serve are healthy, but they really aren’t.

School lunches contribute to obesity in the United States, where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than a third of adults are obese. The United States has been rated the fattest developed nation.

Even if parents aren’t bringing junk food home, when their children go to school they buy junk from the cafeteria, which isn’t good at all.

Reem Eid, an 8th grade student at Unis middle school, said she never eats at school because it tastes really bad and that if we are paying for food we might as well pay for good quality.

Most school lunches include cheese and bread every single day.

Obesity needs to end because it does lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and more.

School cafeterias should start to serve more fresh fruits and vegetables. Some parents are also leading their kids to become obese because instead of cooking healthy foods at home they are always eating out and having fast food for lunch, which is all too salty and greasy.

School cafeterias need to start serving healthy, fresh-cooked meals instead of having frozen pizza, which is all made out of cheese and bread and is way too greasy.

Lunch lady Salwa Jawad said that the food served at Unis is half frozen and half fresh. The fries that the cafeteria serves are baked, but when you bite into one it feels like it was just dipped into oil and all you taste is oil.

Reem said that the school serves cheese and bread four out of five days a week. The school cafeterias need to start serving more fresh fruits daily.

School cafeterias also should stop selling all that junk food like cookies and chips that contain a lot of sugar, salt and oil. Instead, schools should sell more things like granola bars and crackers which are healthier.

Cafeteria worker in ball cap sits in cafeteria, young boy running in background

Salwa Jawad, lunch lady, says students often make unhealthy food choices.

Jawad has been working at Unis providing lunches for students for five years. She said it is difficult but she manages.

She said that the kids usually choose the junk food instead of the food that they consider healthy. She said the cafeteria does serve healthy food, but it isn’t really that cheap. All those things are always over $2.50, which kids won’t buy and they don’t even make a lot of them. Instead they decide to make trays of bread and cheese.

Most of the kids have to eat school lunches because they have no other
choice. If the school cafeteria doesn’t do anthing about this problem the
governor needs to step in or else the U.S. will continue to get more obese day
after day.

The school cafeteria probably thinks that the kids actually enjoy all this fattening food, which they really don’t because no one wants to be fat and eat fattening food every day.

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  1. true, i think that they should make food healthier and that there is too much junk food like chips, ice cream sandwishes and juice,cookies,cinimon ro1ls and spicy bread and that why people make unhealthy food choices and i dont think anyone in mccollough unis want to be obesity.

  2. Kristina Zahr (5th hour) says:

    This is true, everyday were eating unhealthy food, day by day, and its going to become a problem.

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