Hackers hide inside games, networks

2 Comments 21 May 2013

Matrix portrait of hacker

Is someone hiding behind the program you’re using?

ethereum mining azure By Osama Altairy and Ali Hammoud
Unis Middle School

People go on the internet every day to look up funny videos or research their projects or homework. But they are always worrying about threats like viruses or bugs and people trying to steal their information using fake websites. The people that create these things are called hackers. Hackers are advanced computer nerds, basically. They have nothing better to do than try to ruin people’s lives by taking their money and their sense of safety.

Common hackers send viruses to computers through ads like “you are the 1 millionth visitor of our website. Click here to claim your prize now.” Others are similar to that type of virus but worse. More advanced versions disguise themselves as free virus cleaners or install spyware.

Once, the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming system was hacked. Players were unable to play online with friends for more than two months.

Jad Salamey, a PS3 gamer, said “it was a downer that I couldn’t play with my friends for a few months, but in the end we got to choose any game we wanted to buy for free which is very good.”

There are good hackers, too, and banks and the federal government hire them to hack their systems and see what kind of upgrades they need.

This kind of hackers get paid to do that kind of stuff. In a recent case, a man was told to steal money from bank accounts and put them into his. He said “It was a simple program I used to easily hack the system and take $45 million and put it into a new account.”

Will the world be able to stop people from hacking government accounts, bank accounts, and computer systems?

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  1. Houssein Ajrouche says:

    Great story guys your right there are a lot of hackers in the world.

  2. Kassem Harb 3rd hour says:

    That was a great article and I better watch out what i play and or do on my PS3 or computer

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