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Wear a scarf? Not now, thanks. It’s my decision

16 Comments 29 May 2013

Sonia Baydoun

Sonia Baydoun

By Sonia Baydoun
Unis Middle School

Every day someone will ask me what my religion is. But, of course, when they hear me say that I’m Muslim, the question of why I don’t wear a scarf always comes up. This is always my answer: it’s not for me and I’m not ready for one.

Many girls my age, older, even younger, wear a scarf and that is completely their decision. But it’s mine not to wear a scarf. I want to wear a scarf when I want to. I don’t want to wear a scarf just because someone told me to, or because other people think it’s right. When I feel that I genuinely want to wear a scarf, I will.

I feel that it would be wrong of me to just go ahead and wear a scarf when I feel that I’m being forced to.

Also, I feel that a scarf isn’t for me simply because I don’t understand it. I can’t do something I don’t understand, just because someone told me to do that. It’s not right for me.

Wearing a scarf should mean something to you. When you wear a scarf, you feel something and you know that what you’re doing is right. But that would require it actually meaning something to me. If I started wearing a scarf today, I wouldn’t have that feeling and it wouldn’t mean anything to me. Well, at this point in my life, it wouldn’t.

Not every Muslim girl needs to wear a scarf to be considered a good person or a good Muslim. You are just as good a person as you set yourself out to be and no one requiring you to wear a scarf can change that.

I’m the only one who will know when I should wear a scarf. Whether I wear a scarf or not isn’t going to define who I am and if I am a good Muslim.

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  1. Susan says:

    Well constructed story that gets straight to the point. I agree that someone who wears a scarf should do it because they want to, not because they’re forced.

  2. Hadi Homayed says:

    This is true because is you wear a scarf and don’t feel like its right for you, you shouldn’t. I totally agree with this.

  3. true you can be forced its your decision and you can decide if want to whether its your religon or not and yea you shouldnt do something you dont understand it would just feel weird.

  4. Aya Aode 3rd hour says:

    So true, I almost feel like this article was written by me. It happens to be that every time I visit my aunt or uncle the only subject they talk to me about is wearing a scarf.

  5. Hanin Elhagehassan 3rd hour says:

    I literally have the same opinion, you shouldn’t be forced to wear a scarf. I mean what’s the point of that if you’re not truly into it? I really like this article because I get asked why I don’t wear a scarf on a daily basis. Nice job.

  6. Joumana zantout- AAB- Lebanon- Beirut says:

    Sonia, you are totally right and this applies to everything in life. Doing things when we’re not truly convinced kills the personal freedom of choice. Yes you should be convinced with what you say and do because this will make you a genuine person in life. :)

  7. I agree with your idea, the way you stated your opinion,and how you got straight to the point.However you should have included real life examples and added transitive words to connect your ideas and make your article more intersting,without them it sounds dull and makes the reader feel that your writing the same things over and over.Great Job!

  8. Sonia Baydoun says:

    Thank you all for your positive feedback, and I appreciate the comments.

  9. Hanine Abusalah says:

    That story was amazing. Also you are right you can choose to wear one or choose not to wear one its your decision
    not others.

  10. lila assi 7th hour says:

    I totally agree with you, the same thing happened with me to. I would always used to tell the person that would ask me its non if your business. You should wear it when you think your ready for it and when you feel like your comfortable in it when you wear it! I agree with every little thing you said!

  11. Kristina Zahr (5th hour) says:

    Good story, this is 100% true,I mean whats the point of wearing one just because your pressured and then you take it off? Thats even worse then not wearing one.

  12. Roniah Alsebti 5th hour says:

    This was amazing! You are completely right, if you wear a scarf it should be your decision. You shouldn’t be forced to do something you are not ready for. Like when you said why should you wear a scarf if you don’t understand. Nobody should push you to do something. :)

  13. Maya Saab says:

    Thats right it’s your choice if wont to wear one, wear one if you don’t then just don’t it’s not anyone else’s opinion its yours.

  14. This story is really true, not all muslim girls need to wear a scarf, every girl makes their decision based on what their heart tells them if they feel that they want to wear a scarf they should if they feel that they arent then they shouldnt. People should not judge them for not wearing a scarf its their life not anyone elses.

  15. Sonia Baydoun says:

    Thank you and I’m glad you could all relate and take this story into consideration.

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