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2 Comments 06 June 2013

go site By Khansa Alhaidi
Unis Middle School

Say you are a big Red Wings fan and you want to learn more about their long-ago games and players. You search online and you can’t find much. What do you do?

Say you are a teacher or student who want to learn more about a time in history from first-hand accounts. You search online and you barely get any results. What do you do?

My name is Khansa Alhaidi andy my partners are Zeinab Elmoussaoui and Fatima Bouhamdan. We have come up with an app called Flashback. This app gives newspapers from the time that newspapers were first recorded until today.

The articles are made to fit your screen. All you have to do is search a keyword and you will be given articles that fit your need. We will update everyday so consumers are able to find recent articles. Another feature given to the consumers is a built-in dictionary. Writing in the past used words we aren’t familiar with so the dictionary will give you a definition for those words and more.

We want to start this app with a prototype focusing on one newspaper and one section of the newspaper. For instance we could do the Detroit Free Press and focus on the sports section or The Arab American News and focus on their issues section. If the consumers like the app, then we wish to expand to attract other app consumers in the nation.

Another thing we would like to do if the app does great will be to partner with so that buyers will be able to study their families’ past. Adding a stocks section would also be a big hit. People like to know where they are investing their money, and Flashback can help them with knowing how well or how bad a company is or was.

This app would attract people from all ages. Users could vary from middle-school to college students who want more information for projects or class. Then it could go to average people wanting to know more about their families and other things such as sports, issues, economics, war, etc. Teachers would also like this app to show to their students.

The app will get money by selling some but not many ads. Also, you get the app free for a 2 week-trial and after that you have to pay $1.99 for the app, but it is totally worth it. When you pay for it you get much more features that will make using the app more simple.

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  1. April Kincaid says:

    I love investigating and looking up historical events. I believe there would be a consumer base for your app concept.

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