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3 Comments 05 June 2013

source link By Aminta Zea
Unis Middle School

Today, there are millions of citizens out there whose school and job is practically consuming their lives. Nowadays, we barely have any time to go ahead and watch a news report or sit down and read a newspaper. With this everlasting problem, how will we be able to stay informed about what happens in our surroundings whilst still being able to get work done? That’s why my collogue, Tahani Smidi, and I have created an innovative app called J-News.

Our idea shared first place in our News Entrepreneurs’ Pitchfest on May 31.

J-News is a versatile app that allows the consumer to read a small paragraph about the topic and below a link will be provided. This link will be taken from a news website and it will be provided if the consumer would like to get more information about the topic. The consumer can even customize the content that they receive. Whether it is sports, economy, etc. — the customer will be able to receive the news that he or she wants.

Also, consumers can get local, national, and international news at the palm of their hand. Our app will be considered an important and valuable microcosm of the journalism and news world that will be available on Android and iPhone. This app is perfect for students, adults, and even immigrants who want to see what’s going on in their homeland.

Not only do you have J-News in the palm of your hand, but you can also share the stories you love with others via social media, which is integrated with our application. On the side of the screen, the consumer will be able to see tweets from local to international news sites such as USA Today and CNN.

For funding, we will provide a one-week free trial and once it expires the consumer will be given the opportunity to buy the app for 99 cents. This is a one-time payment. After buying the app, you will have the luxury of having all of your desired news summarized at the tip of your fingers.

Our is app is different from other apps because we summarize the news to comply with our busy and tedious every day lives. Now busy Americans will be able to read a story that gets straight to the point. Overall, this the J-News application available for Apple and Android.

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  1. Rodwan elbeshir says:

    I love the idea, the fact that your able to just read a 1 paragraph summary on the story instead of reading 20 paragraphs on CNN,WXYZ etc..And it would have links at the bottom for other websites if people weren’t satisfied with the summary. It’s much easier to use. I sat through the journalism meeting hoping to join next year and I just wanted to say great presentation and I hope you go far with this app.

  2. Rodwan elbeshir says:

    I love the idea, I like how you and your collogue will have about 1 paragraph summary on the story. I also loved how you would put links below if the customer of user could use if he wasn’t satisfied with the stories or the summaries. I hope you and Tahani go far with this app.

  3. April Kincaid says:

    Young people would really appreciate your app. They are often interested in the news but discouraged by the length of the story. This makes it less intimidated and gives the option to read more. Awesome idea!

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