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4 Comments 05 June 2013

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Unis Middle School

This app idea was one of two first-place winners at Unis’ first News Entrepreneurs’ Pitchfest on Friday May 31.

Our app idea is called Globe Hunter. It is simple yet very complex. The app allows you to stay in touch with national and international news. The app is basically spinning a globe and tapping the screen. It’s like a search engine for location-based news, but it’s visual instead of text-based.

Here is an example of how it might be used. Bob is a young male from Idaho. His assignment one day was to learn about news in different countries. Bob’s friend told him to download Globe Hunter. He did and he spins the globe and taps. His finger lands on Korea. He reads up on the news. He really likes the app and gets an A on his assignment.

Our app is better than competitors like CNN, USA Today etc. Even though they have mobile apps, Globe Hunter is actually easier to use because it’s more visual than text unlike our competitors. Also, our app is amusing to use.

The U.S. last year had 40 million immigrants move here. So there are lots of people here with ties to other parts of the world. When people in the U.S. have kids, they could use Globe Hunter to learn about different countries.

Reporters, journalists and authors could also use this app to read up on a country’s history or news.

The app is free if you download the lite version, which does not include all countries. But if you upgrade to premium, it will block pop up ads and banners. This version also includes all countries and every state in the U.S. The price to upgrade is only ¢99.

My teammates and I hope to continue to develop this idea.

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  1. Saleh Ali 7th grade 7th hour says:

    I think it’s a great idea for especially students who maybe don’t have news on their T.V or are addicted to their phone.

  2. Ali Jomaa 7th grade says:

    This is a good app, you get to look at the news on your phone. And you get to learn about different countries.

  3. heba harajli 5th hour says:

    This is such a good idea! It would be the best to use this for a research project for school!

  4. April Kincaid says:

    Being a social studies teacher, I absolutely adore this app. I think it teaches geography, current events, and creates a desire for global awareness. This app promotes cultural diffusion which could lead to acceptance of others! We all need to celebrate diversity (differences) more!

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