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Dearborn shows how peaceful Muslims live

29 Comments 03 June 2013

Fatima Charara

Fatima Charara

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Unis Middle School

Highly populated with Muslim-Americans, Dearborn, Michigan is known to be a very diverse area in the U.S. Dearborn citizens have found many ways to interact and be very understanding and respectful toward citizens of other religions and faiths. There is even a mosque with churches located on both its sides on our very own Ford Road. There have been several events in the past that have been hosted by both Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim leaders discussing religious studies. This community has overcome many obstacles and it is a very generous blessing that we, Muslim-Americans, have the support and help of many people of other faiths.

Muslim-Americans have faced racist hardships in the past. For example, the burning of the Holy Qu’ran hosted by pastor Terry Jones was a challenging moment. Many of the community’s citizens did not know how to act responsibly toward this disgusting action. So, they got furious, seeking revenge. However, people with the right state of mind knew that violence was not and will never be the answer. All we simply had to do was ignore him. Once we’d ignored him, all the attention was not be on him. It took many a long time to realize this, but once they did it proved to Christians, Catholics and people of many other religions that we did not intend for violence to be the answer. We just want peace in our community.

With the help from several religious leaders, including Imam Hassan Al- Qazwini, we showed the rest of the world that Dearborn is a place of open-minded, peaceful Muslims.

Therefore, in my opinion, Dearborn, Michigan is a perfect example of the correct and peaceful way that citizens of different religions should behave towards each other.

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  1. Mitchel Ayad says:

    i love the story you did a very good job on it

  2. Susan says:

    Great job. I think it really reflects what Muslims are really like, not those extremeists that the media portrays them to be

  3. Fatima Bouhamdan says:

    Great story! its true we should have just ignored Terry Jones

  4. Fatima Bouhamdan says:

    Great story! its true we should have ignored Terry Jones

  5. Ahmad Aoun says:

    I like your story and I like when you said violence is never the answer.

  6. Hani Jahaf says:

    i like the way that you gave an example of an hardship of the holy Quran being burned by Terry Jones

  7. Ali Farhat says:

    ya your right i tottally agree with what you said and we should just let terry be

  8. Fantastic story. I love it all from the lead to the ending…

  9. This is a fantastic story. I love it all from the lead to the ending…

  10. Joumana zantout- AAB- Lebanon- Beirut says:

    I’m very proud to read ideas that show maturity, open-mindedness, and tolerance. Your story should reflect every Muslim’s or Arab’s stand regarding harsh criticism or severe media attacks. I hope that more Arabs will join you on that quest. I know for sure I am. Great work!

    • Fatima Charara says:

      Thank you so much! That reaction was what I was aiming for and i’m glad you agree with me! Muslim’s are peaceful citizens throughout Dearborn and I wanted a way to prove this to others! Thank you for the kind words!

      • Well Fatima the whole area in the middle east is suffering currently from many religious upheavals. If we all work together hand in hand to spread peaceful ideas, we’ll be able to counter attack the wars and violence occuring. We need to live peacefully without being judgmental and discriminating.

  11. I agree with everything you said. I also really liked the example you gave, and how you said violence will never be the answer.
    The story was great. Good job!

  12. Amal aboulaila 6th hour says:

    Muslims are peaceful but people don’t know it cause they only believe what they see

  13. This was a great story. Dearborn is a peaceful place to live in. We are all friends and family no harm to each other. We all new each other in Dearborn we are always together with friends and family.

  14. jad doueik says:

    the story is really good i bet she spent a lot of time writing this it is really good.

  15. \hussein hacham 7th hour says:

    that was a good story i liked the part when she said we just need toi egnor him becuse he is troble i also never knew there was a church next to the masqe and never knew they hld studes

  16. I totally agree with what you wrote.People shoule respect our relgion and others.
    But the last two sentences you wrote were vague to me, because i have never been to Michigan so i can’t judge. “Violence Will Never Bring Peace”. i admired you article, you’ve done an amazing job.

  17. NGB/AAB says:

    one of the main pillars of all religions is “Respect”

  18. Mariam Amin says:

    I agree Dearborn is a peaceful place. I want to learn more about how Muslims and other people of different faiths have interacted like when both catholic and Muslim people got together and discussed religion. I also strongly agree about how Muslims faced racism when terry jones happened. Some Muslims should have acted out their emotions toward him. They should have ignored him and his disrespectful ways.

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