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4 Comments 04 June 2013

CAM01820 By Ibrahim Dabaja and Houssein Ajrouche
Unis Middle School

The app that we have imagined is called “What’s New?” It is an app that shares news stories for and by middle school students. There are more than 10 million students in grades six, seven and eight in the United States, according to the federal Department of Education. This is our potential audience and our contributor base.

Our app has many features. One feature is Story of the Week. Another is Story of the Month. Here’s how our app will work:

Students in middle school from all around the U.S. will upload stories in any category they choose — sports, school, community, families, friends, environment, government, music, games. The stories can use text, photos, video, audio, graphics or all of those elements. Each story is entered into a contest. Our audience votes for the winners. Stories that won Story of the Week get put in the contest for Story of the Month. Then the audience votes again to pick the next winner. The winners will get prominent placement on our app and lots of recognition.

This app is a great way for students to interact with each other and the public by uploading stories. There are few other ways that the voices of middle school students are heard by the rest of society. But we are important. Our ideas are important to the future of the country and the world. Also, we need to learn how to gather true information and report it clearly. This is a key skill for our success in life.

This app will get money by advertisements. We highly encourage students to upload stories.

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  1. Issa Daher says:

    Great job guys, keep up the good work and I love the feature, story of the week, and story of the month!!

  2. ali mokbel says:

    I like how the app can tell you the stories of unis middle school in past week and month.

  3. Hadi Hamade 7th hour says:

    This app is a great idea they should really upload that app

  4. Kassim Said says:

    I like how the app tells you the story of the week,and the story of the month.And it tells you about every category.

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