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2 Comments 06 June 2013

http://homeworks-get.com/?mining=how-to-cash-out-money-from-bitcoin By Khalil Shuayto
Unis Middle School

How many of you are allergic to a certain food? A lot of people are.

My name is Khalil Shuayto and I’ve teamed with Issa Daher, Michtaba Alsultany, Hawraa Baydoun, Ali Farhat, and Susan Hatem. You could call us Team Allergizer. A study shows that Americans pay over $500 million just to combat food allergies every year and growing. Over 55% of the people U.S have at least one or two allergies. Allergies are the most overlooked disease in the world.

Team Allergizer is here to reduce the impact of food allergies. The Allergizer is a handheld device that plugs into any smartphone. What you would do is put a piece of food into the allergizer, and let it alalyze. When it’s done, the nutrition facts that even companies don’t put on their label will appear on your phone screen. The Allergizer will give the nutrition facts and tell you what your allergic to. There is nothing like this on the market.

The Allergizer will use a technology called gas chromotography. Gas chromatography takes samples and puts them through a gas cylinder and analyzes them. We are trying to shrink that device to make it possible for people to check what’s in their food right on the spot. We have contacts from Mayo Clinic all the way to Harvard. Kevin Bennett Cheer of engineering will help me develope the app. We also have Kendall Lee, a top neurosurgeon in Mayo Clinic. Last but not least we have John Quelch, a writer in Harvard University.

We have a great team and there is a great need for our idea.

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  1. heba says:

    I think this idea is actually very good because it just like you said, people pay to much because of their allergies so this is very helpful.you should work hard to pursue this idea, and think about all the people you are helping.

  2. April Kincaid says:

    Good luck this summer as you try to get this amazing concept into the hands of the consumers!

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