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She changed her mind, took off her scarf

46 Comments 04 June 2013

IMG_0889 follow By Khansa Alhaidi
Unis Middle School

Zaeinab Chareyia, a 7th grader at Unis, recently took off her scarf. She made the decision after she had a problem with her hair, and felt the scarf wasn’t comfortable or a good fit for her. She had been wearing a scarf for about three years.

Making the decision to change the way she dressed wasn’t easy. She pondered for two weeks before she finally had the courage to take her hijab off. “I was stuck in wanting to take it off and not wanting to at the same time. It was a 50/50 decision,” she explained.

“It felt weird for me the first couple days,” Zaeinab said.

Looking back on why she started wearing a hijab, Zaeinab says, “I was still a kid, so I was kind of doing what the other kids were doing.” She thinks now that when she began wearing a scarf between 4th and 5th grades she wasn’t mature enough to know what it meant and how it would affect her life. For instance, she didn’t fully appreciate that she also would have to cover up a lot of her body, so that no hair or skin showed beside her hands, feet, and face.

Zaeinab wasn’t forced to wear the scarf by her family, so that also made her decision to take it off easier. Her mother left it up to Zaeinab to decide.

Zaeinab still feels the same as she did when she wore her scarf, but not as safe when she was covered up. After she took her scarf off, she says she got loads of hate. But she got through it with the help of her real friends. Her friends and her Mom helped her push through the hate to do what she feels is right for her. “When I get older and more mature, I will wear a scarf,” said Zaeinab. So, her insight on wearing a scarf hasn’t changed. She just feels as it isn’t fit for her now.

Her views on women who cover up still hasn’t changed, either. “I treat the women who wear hijabs and don’t wear hijabs the same way,” she says.

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46 Comments so far

  1. Aya Aode 3rd hour says:

    I support zaeinab’s decision because i feel like little kids shouldn’t be making this big decision when their still young, they are doing what all their friends are and not what they really want.

  2. Hanin Elhagehassan 3rd hour says:

    Zaeinab had an actual point because as a kid I wanted to put on a scarf as well. This is a really good article for people who are afraid to take off their scarf considering the hate Zaeinab got for it.

  3. Deena Furlow says:

    Khansa, I like that you shared about the support Zaeinab’s family and close friends gave her as she contemplated this difficult decision. It was not a decision to take lightly especially at a time of growing up when some preteens and teens experience challenges in defining themselves (who they are) or challenges with “fitting in” and being judged by their peers.

  4. Im flattered of what u have done Zeinab. always Do whatever you believe in and listen to your heart and mind.Always ask advice from your mother and let her help you. i believe that you shouldnt decide now about wearing the hijab in the future because when you grow up your thinking might change and you may never wear the hijab again. cherish real friends who helped you because without them you can not over come obstacles.I wish you all the luck.

  5. janakouzi/AAB says:

    we should respect zaeinab’s decision even if she was that young. she should listen to her close friends and her mother TO guide her through her life .

  6. I know how she feels. It is hard to avoid those little kids that hate her. But they should get over it because she is’nt just the only person who took off there scarf.

  7. Heba Harajli 5th hour says:

    others should not be talking about Zaeineb because its her decision, not theirs.

  8. Heba Harajli 5th hour says:

    others should not be talking about Zaeinab because its her decision, not theirs.

  9. Leena Alhawati 6th hour says:

    Zaenib made a decision as a child she didnt know how it felt or what it meant to weer a scarf.I am glad her freinds and mom helped her overcome this obstacle.

  10. Hanine Abusalah says:

    What an amazing story. Zaeinab showed her self that its a free country and she can do what ever she wants. Good for you zaeinab u look fine either way.

  11. Kassim Said says:

    Zaeinab is not supposed to take this decision unit til she is old enough.

  12. Huda Alsheeblawy 6th Hour says:

    I know how she might be feeling right now because of all these people hating. Everyone should have a decision to make and if her decision is to take off her scarf we should all respect her instead of teasing her. ” avoid all of the hating “

  13. Amal aboulaila 6th hour says:

    I like that zaniab made the decision to wear a surf and didnt let her mom make it for her and I also liked that she mad the decision to take of her surf

  14. Reanna Hallal ( 7th hour) says:

    Zeainab has to follow what she wants and what you family wants for her. Either way you should always respect others no matter what they do whether it is good or bad.

  15. lila assi 7th hour says:

    I agree with Zeinab shes to young, she has a good life ahead of her.There’s always a phase in a kids life where they want to be like others and that is the decision she decided to do to be like others….. I agree with what she says!

  16. Kristina Zahr (5th hour) says:

    The minute Zaeinab took off her scarf many people decided not to talk to her, but you know what i told her , ignore them those arent your real friends. They say “Dont judge a book by its cover.” Its Zaeinabs life she can do whatever she insists.

  17. Maya Saab says:

    I think that it was good the way she thought about it and not just takeing it off with out thinking.

  18. I think this was a great article, when i was little i wanted to wear a scarf but i wasnt sure if i should or shouldnt, but its Zaeinab’s life, people should accept her for who she is.

  19. mohamad abbas7th hr says:

    zaeinab you get to do what ever you want it is your decisions do what your heart tells you

  20. its rood that they have been talking to her like that they are so rood

  21. Ali Makki 7th hour says:

    Its rude to talk about somebody that took their scarf off because they are not the only ones in the world that took their scarf off, youll never know probibly she has a diffrent oppenion from yopu or probibly she going through something so thats why she took her scarf off just everybody mind your own buisness!

  22. jad doueik says:

    zeinab made her own decision she can do what ever she wants its freedom.

  23. \hussein hacham 7th hour says:

    it is her chiose but i cant stand all coverd up always so i can see why she tookj of her scafe with her own chiose.

  24. Ali Jomaa 7th grade says:

    Its her decision to take off her scarf, she wanted to.

  25. Zeinab Farhat 5th Hour says:

    This was a nice story Zaeinab should do what she really thinks the right thing to do in her life is because that will be the only thing that will matter to her in her life.

  26. i respect your choice because i believe women should put the hijab on when they think they’re ready.Always stay strong and dont care what people say about you

  27. i respect you’re decision even though i disagree,due to many islamic rules and requirements

  28. I respect your choice on taking your scarf off because you were a kid and just did what others kids liked doing. You were immature when you put it on and now you feel uncomfortable wearing it, so i agree with your decision.

  29. Aya-AAB says:

    Honestly,In my opinion I think that it was the right thing to do since you were young at the age when you first wore the hijab.Also people should respect you becuase it takes alot of courage to remove the scarf and you should’nt be getting hate since it was your choice,but im glad that your mom and friends helped you through it.

  30. NGB/AAB says:

    I admire your decision and courage. It’s the inside of the person that counts

  31. sarah alhaidi says:

    others shouldnt be talking about zaeinab she had a decision to make that was really difficult not all people are comfortable in wearing a scarf.

  32. Mrs. McBain says:

    Tough decision Zeinab…glad to hear you have support from your family and friends.

  33. Khansa, thanks for sharing this story. I do wear a scarf, but I took the decision to wear it when I was mature enough and 100% sure that this is what I really wanted.I respect Zaeinab’s decision to take it off because she was still very young when she took the decision.

  34. heba harajli says:

    Im now in 8th grade where ive also took off t scarf. I got tons of hate also. Ive also lossed one of my close friends where i told her before ‘what would you do if i took off my scarf” and she said ” nothing its still your choice i’ll still treat you the same that i do now”. And when i actually took it off i lossed her. i miss her a lot, we had so many memories. But now it explains that shes a fake friend. The decision has been on my mind the whole summer and i made me dession and took it off. 90% of the dession i made i think was the right dession but 10% of it was kinda wrong to be honest. There are tons of rumers about me like “heba’s a good girl. How could she do something this bad?” Well if you wear or wore a scarf, then you’d understand. I wore the scarf the day i turned nine. Now im almost 13. I never liked the scarf. Its really annoying and kristina was a big help where when she first saw me she exactly said “dont care about the haters. If anyones talking about you, tell me.” thanks kristina. Its been about 2 weeks since i took it off i believe. my true friends support me. but i lossed one. you know who you are. it was really awkward when i first walked in school. everyones jaw dropped. Its still happening now also where i have people come up to me in the halways where ive known them for a lond time “who are you?” Yeah um… im pretty sure that you know me. zeinab and i made the dession where we took it off and i kinda like that i took it off but im still gonna put it back on just when im older. im still a kid now. im not even 13 now..

  35. aya hazim 6th hour says:

    I think she really had to have courage to do this and I know exactly how she felt because not to long ago I took off my scarf and it was really weird and when I got older I thought I was ready so I put it back on

  36. Zaeinab Chareyia says:

    I know this is from a while ago but I would like to say Thank you to everyone who agreed with me or if you didn’t its okay it your decision and im not going to judge.just once again thank you to everyone who helped through all this.

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