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http://homeworks-get.com/?mining=buy-litecoin-australia By Fatima Jomaa
Unis Middle School

My group and I have an idea for a website that we think will be very useful. Our website is a fashion website called helpmeshop.com.

About 100 million Americans purchase goods from the online retail market. Roughly 36% of the online shoppers are looking for clothes. This website will make shopping much easier for these people.

If you don’t like walking around the mall looking for the right dress, you might go online and search for clothes. Vut you won’t know which sites have the kind of clothing you’re looking for, in your size, in the right color, in your price range.

You can go on our website, take a survey about yourself and put in information about yourself such as height, age, likes and dislikes. After you take the survey, you will fill in what your looking for, the color you are looking for and the size and also the brand your looking for. Helpmeshop will find the top ten items your looking for, and will also link to each item in the online store where the items are for sale. Once you look at the items that helpmeshop has found for you, you can buy them from the store’s website.

How we will make money is by getting a small payment for each store for each helpmeshop customer who makes a purchase from the store’s website. Why my group and I think this will work is because a lot of people don’t have enough time or energy to go out for a whole day wasting their time at the mall and not finding what they want. They don’t have time to waste browsing online either. They need help targeting the sites with just the right things for them.

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  1. April Kincaid says:

    I do all of my shopping online. One feature of some stores is to have sale pop ups through text messages. I would really like to know when local stores and boutiques had a great deal! Your app sounds incredible. Good Luck!

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