Fordson student inspires people he left behind

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Ali Hachem and his mother, Mimi Sion and sister, Mariam.

Ali Hachem and his mother, Mimi Sion, and sister, Mariam.

source link By Amar Hamade
Unis Middle School

Ali Hachem said, “Determination, hard work, sacrifice and sweat lead to success.”

Ali was determined to become a lawyer and sue his own father, whom he said owed for child support.

He wanted to sue his father because, when Ali was younger, every time he wanted something his mother said she would have to wait to get her next payment. Ali didn’t like seeing his mother living from check to check, so he said “my dad should pay.”

Ali, a student at Fordson High School, never became a lawyer. He passed away when he was 15.

His mother, Mimi Sion, said “Ali passed away of an enlarged heart. He was breathing but couldn’t breathe right. When he got to the hospital they worked on him for 30 minutes. The doctors gave him medicine to make his heart right, but it wouldn’t work.” Ali died Feb. 17, 2013.

Before this tragedy, Ali, his mother and sister Mariam were talking about how to do his Advanced Placement work and his sports together. He assured his mother he would do it all.

His mother said his death shocked her. “I knew CPR but couldn’t do it because he was still breathing. Unbelievable. Something you never think: Your child could go before you.”

Sion couldn’t sleep the first few nights.

Mariam found out Ali passed away when their mother called and told her the news.

“Without my brother, it’s kind of like an empty feeling. Nobody to talk to. Ali and I used to talk to each other at night. Now I have nobody. I just play on my phone.”
—Mariam Hachem

Mariam said she is still in shock. She said, “I just kept doing what I was doing, playing sports and going to school.”

Their friend Suzan Berro said, “I was at my sister’s house when I received the news. I felt really depressed, cried a lot.” She said she still cries. “We had a lot of memories. I was also thinking, ‘what’s going to happen to Mariam and his mother? What are they gonna do without a man in the house?’ Why did he have to die at such a young age?”

Whenever Fordson football players have a game, they wear his picture under their jerseys to represent Ali. There is an online memorial for him, too.

When Ali was alive, every Sunday the family would go to a Leo’s Coney Island. Then, Ali insisted on visiting his aunt, uncle and grandma, and watching football. Now, Mimi and Mariam go to the cemetery and Leo’s every Sunday.

Sion misses “The happy-go-lucky kid that was always friendly, outgoing, and helpful, never stopped smiling.”

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  1. April Kincaid says:

    Truly touching story. You captured the emotion of losing a loved one. Every person can connect with this story in some way. I felt a range of emotions as I read it and took it in from many different perspectives. As a mom, a sister, friend, and a teacher. Thanks for writing this amazing article and I enjoyed looking at Ali Hachem’s memorial link.

  2. Ahmed alhayom says:

    This was amazing. Looks like a yahoo story.

  3. Fatima Jomaa says:

    I loved it Amar!! keep up the good work and congradulations on your award!!

  4. suleiman nuseibeh says:

    WALLAH, I cried when I read this and I’m still crying ._.

  5. Fatima says:

    OMG. Wallah, best story ever! Great job for the award. You deserved it

  6. Zee says:

    truly touching story by a brilliant young lady! Good Job!

  7. adnan aljida 7 th hour says:

    that was a good story thank you

  8. Ava Salameh says:

    This is amazing amar! I’m literally in tears while reading this.

  9. Tee says:

    Omg this is a truly touching story, even tho i dont know Ali, but Allah Yerhamo i yhink hes in a better place not, Allah help his mom & sister.

  10. Mariam Faraj says:

    Good job Amar

  11. Alla Baiz says:

    How do you think his father feels? His father lost his oldest son and your here writing about him wanting to sue his father? Why not include every other thing his father and the rest of his family from his fathers side did. His father was there for him and loves Ali. Half of the nights he can’t even sleep because he thinks of his son so much, please, just mind your own business, and allow ali to rest in peace.

  12. Rabeah hachem says:

    To be honest if u don’t know his father (my uncle) personally then u shouldn’t put his situation out there like that . He has to live with himself and that guilt for the rest of his life just like his mother and sister do .. Allah yerhamo .. But if were gonna show support and sympathy for one side then u must show for the other side regardless the situation . Even if you don’t feel “sympathy” for his father doesn’t mean u put his buisness outt there like that . Tbh this is disgusting .

  13. Rabeah hachem says:

    And if u have anything to say back to that comment feel free to kik me @ rabeah22 or 313 996 9770

  14. Rabeah hachem says:

    Other than that it was a nice paper .. But I’m just saying you guys should feel disgusting for supporting that part of the paper …

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