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Digital divide: Students escape parents’ eyes

Binäre optionen gewinn berechnen 6 Comments 04 December 2013

Can you make a living out of binary options kings Social media source link By Mariam Baydoun
Unis Middle School

Parents are complaining about their children spending their time on social networking. What they do, what they see, who they talk to, is all unknown. Children refuse to share information about what they do online with their parents.

“I constantly go online to check my child’s statuses and activities that they are doing.” Says Sue Dakroub, a mother of five, who cares about her children and what they do online. Cyber bullying is one of the most dangerous things online. Kids feel that they have the power over other kids and that they are “better” than them.

Socializing online can give shy, socially awkward teens a comfortable way to communicate. It also is an extension of teens’ real-world friendships, and can help enrich and manage their social lives. But, social networking causes less face-to-face interactions with family members. Loss of privacy is also a problem. Kids who post their information and photos could make them easy targets.

“Social networking helps me feel good about myself cause I really have trouble socializing with other people without a screen between us,” said Dunia Dakroub, Sue Dakroub’s daughter.

“Video games and social networking isn’t really a waste of time because i’ts actually fun,” said Sue Dakroub’s son Tarek. “It creates an imagination in our minds, makes us feel like we are in a whole other world.”

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  1. Huda Asheeblawy says:

    Good story Mariam

  2. April Kincaid says:

    I agree with the idea of parents monitoring the kids social networking!

  3. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Parents monitoring there kids social networks can be an a very good thing! Great story!!

  4. i think sue dakroub is a good parent. she reminds me of my aunt. but i dis agree with her daughter. i am only using technology at school and sometimes at home. i also agree with mariam beydoun when she talks about cyber bullying.

  5. sarah saab says:

    I think that its good to let your parents see your profiles and accounts online because I agree with the article, that if accounts aren’t monitored then kids and students could get carried away and post their phone number or information online. I agree with sue dakroub and I think she is a good parent for monitoring her kids profiles and teaching her kids to be open about their profiles and to show their mom what they are ding online

  6. sarah saab says:

    also I agree with Mariam when she talks about he topic of cyber bullying.

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