Divorce can hurt the children most of all

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Unis Middle School

“It’s pretty hard … living without both parents by your side.” And that’s when student Zanib Hammoud teared up. It hurt her to admit how she truly, deeply felt.

Zanib Hammoud

Zanib Hammoud

Do you know how it feels to live without both parents by your side? Don’t you ever feel like you just want to break down, and be alone, to go someplace where no one can find you? Divorce has affected society. Every year, over 1 million children experience the divorce of their parents.

Divorce is pretty much always very stressful for children. Children might despise one parent because of the effect of divorce. It affects them dramatically. Children start losing interest in many things. They may want to do anything to get away and avoid the divorce. Divorce really affects the child’s life as they grow up. It makes them a more emotional person. The number of divorced parents is constantly increasing.

Many studies have shown that children of divorce have more behavior problems than children growing up with both parents by their side. Divorce affects children in school. Dounia Ayoub, 13, said, “the conflict between my parents really did affect me in school. It made me act up in class and I started having an attitude.”

My parents are divorced. It’s a really tough situation to be in. My behavior and attitude changed dramatically. To this day, I still break down every once in a while and overthink everything.

It’s just, you look at other children with both their parents by their side and feel alone. I felt like I was different. I felt like I had no one to talk to. Alone is an understatement. What I realized was, whatever comes down the road, don’t let it knock you down, stand back up and show how strong you are.

“You’re not alone, if you need anyone to talk to, know that we’re available,” said Ms. Carlne McBain, third grade teacher at McCollough Unis School. Children with divorced parents don’t realize they’re really not alone. Seventh grader Ayah Boussi said, “I’ve had those days where I’ve cried myself to sleep, and put all the blame on myself of the divorce of my parents. It’s harder than it seems.”

Many things can be done to prevent children with divorced parents from feeling alone. To make it easier on the children, both parents most definitely need to make them feel happy. I feel that, if both parents keep in contact with their child, it would make them feel not so alone. I feel that these are the things that could be done to make the child feel a little more comfortable about the whole divorce transition.

In conclusion, divorce has a big effect. It’s very stressful, and a situation where children can be depressed. It’s increasing more and more. Many things can be done to help children with divorced parents to make them feel more secure. Overall, divorce affects children more than it affects the adults.

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  1. Jamal Hamoud says:

    Good story, emotion was captured well. :)

  2. adnan aljida 7 th hour says:

    i know how it fells my parents got dicorced when i was little

  3. Ali Osman 6th hour says:

    I thought that your story was a very sad story on how parents get divorced and how the children can be affected in there daily lives. I know how it feels for my parents to be divorced and it’s not a great feeling. I learned how to live without my dad but I still miss him. Overall I thought your story was great and I liked how you added the part “your not alone”. Keep up the good work! :)

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