Pumpkin play plants seeds for learning

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Unis Middle School

Ms. Jean Manwell’s first grade class had a pumpkin discovery experiment. A pumpkin discovery experiment is when you carve a pumpkin and count the seeds. Ms. Manwell said that her pupils don’t probably do that at home often, so every year Ms. Manwell gives them a chance to play around with pumpkins.

McCollough first graders carve up some jack-o-lanterns.

McCollough first graders carve up some jack-o-lanterns.

“This will be the best day ever!” Nadine Sabra said as she was about to start. She said that the pumpkin felt nasty but smelled like pumpkin pie. When she counted her seeds there were 519. “When we were finished I took it home,” Nadine said.

The students were excited. They had to fill out a worksheet as they did the experiment, which added to their scientific knowledge, and they had a good time.

Naji Hammoud said, “It was fun and it was my first time carving a pumpkin.” He said that he had 536 seeds. He took the pumpkin home and threw it away. He also said that it felt nasty and smelled like rotten fruit.

“We do this experiment because it helps with counting, measuring, weight and science.” Said Ms. Manwell. She said that pumpkins smell like fall to her.

“I wish every year I would carve a pumpkin” screamed Amani Saleh. She found 805 seeds, the highest in the class.

She took the pumpkin home and put it as décor, but a squirrel messed it up.

Mrs. Manwell’s class had plenty of fun with the pumpkins and a tradition that could go on and on.

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  1. Yousuf alrameemi says:

    this is good something to entertain the students also the poor people which is that fun thing to do. this article is amazing thank you for writing this. keep it up :)

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