Star changes: Bye-bye Hannah, hello Miley

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ethereum mining rig vice By Zeinab Farhat
Unis Middle School

“I could finally be the bad b**** I really am!” said Miley Cyrus at the Video Music Awards. People all around the world and even you reading this have noticed how celebrities, as they get older, started doing things that you would never imagine them doing.

When Miley Cyrus was a teenager, she began to star on her Disney show, Hannah Montana. Girls all over the world adored her, but now they would want to take their support back.

As you have seen her, she has been “twerking.” Some people call her “twerk queen.” Most people or students think that she will do whatever she wants. But Sheikh Hassan Habhab said, “The celebrities are influenced by the society, the environment they are in, and the movie makers in Hollywood.”

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus covers together

Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus covers together

On the other hand, eighth grade journalism teacher April Kincaid said, “Miley Cyrus will be acting this way because she is going through a rough time with her parents divorcing and breaking up with her boyfriend that she has been with for five years, and she will act this way because when she was younger adults were always watching, but now she can act the way she wants.”

Cyrus’ music video Wrecking Ball was about her breakup with the boyfriend she had been with for five years. After watching her Wrecking Ball video, Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus’ boyfriend, said she was “pretty hot” in the video, but that didn’t solve them getting back together.

Some of Cyrus’ fans, also known as Smilers, say she is just expressing herself, although other people are really disappointed in her. Eighth grade student Rachelle Basma said, “Miley Cyrus and these teen celebrities are acting this way because they are influenced by drugs and smoking.” According to, “It seems that Cyrus is acting out in order to get more publicity. Because she has a new album out, the increased publicity will likely lead to greater album sales.” reported that on Oct. 22 Cyrus went to a fashion event and wore a long silky turquoise dress. Comments on the article showed that some people think she’s starting to cover herself, except her whole back was showing. mentions that Cyrus said, “The biggest misconception about me is that I like the media attention. I wish I could be who I am without the fame.” Which, according to, means that Cyrus isn’t acting this way for publicity or attention.

Previously, on Oct. 8 in New York, Cyrus celebrated her new album, “Bangerz.” She was wearing a bra top and a high waisted skirt and she was out of control.

Eventually, teen celebrities will act in a disorderly manner. Harwa Aldaibil says, “teen celebrities will think that when they are past the age 21 they can do whatever they want.”

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  1. Huda Alsheeblawy says:

    Zeinab this was a very interesting story and I loved it. Great work!!

  2. Fatima Jomaa says:

    Good job Zeinab! and you picked a very good topic to write about! Keep the great work up

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