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Syrian tragedy should have consequences

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Unis Middle School

go With 1,400 dead, should the U.S and Russia stop the Syrian conflict or let more people die? We all know what happened when the U.S. let it slip in the past. World War II was caused. Also, Syria broke an international norm of using chemical weapons, and by using them on citizens. Lawbreakers need to face consequences.

source url One reason I consider agreeing with the U.S. and Russia trying to stop the Syrian civil war is that the population in the world will decrease slightly. Also, using chemical weapons can affect the environment. Leaving chemicals in the air is not a good idea because it can also kill them people who use them. People around the world say that “Wars always happen but were wrong sometimes. But Syria is 100 percent wrong because they broke an international norm which is chemical uses.”

“If the U.S want to be leaders, then let them be leaders,” said Freya Nagle, a student in Unis Middle School. The U.S. and Russia were smart and stopped chemical weapons, but they have not stopped this tragedy that is occurring now. Putting a stop to it can help others in many ways.

On the other hand, others are saying U.S. and Russia should mind their own business. But, as I have said, World War II began because countries did not act.

“My family is suffering in Syria right now and I don’t want any more problems by the U.S. entering because they can go through some more problems,” a student from Unis Middle School said.

It’s called playing smart because you are supposed to learn from your mistakes. That’s exactly what U.S. is doing, learning from its mistakes.

All in all, the U.S should do what it does best, which is to be a leader. Syria’s leaders broke an international norm and should suffer as their people suffered. That’s how life is, being fair.

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  1. April Kincaid says:

    This article is thought provoking! Hmmmm will Syrian leaders be punished for their actions?

  2. Hadi says:

    Thank you or the nicely crafted article. Hadi, Saudi Arabia

  3. AR says:

    Concise yet profound. Nicely done!

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