Video games: Assassins of young minds 4 Comments 02 December 2013

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Unis Middle School

source url Video games have been the key to joy in children’s lives, but they have been secretly ruining our lives!

go to link According to the research company Gartner, the worldwide video game market is expected to rise from $79 billion in 2012 to $93 billion this year. Spending many hours on video games that won’t help you in life isn’t a good idea, either. So why do children spend all their time on video games?

Sam Awada's father owns a video game business.

Sam Awada’s father owns a video game business.

Video games have been blamed for nudging teens toward violence and addiction.

Many video games in the recent past have been rated M for mature. This means that the game includes blood and gore, vulgar language and drugs. This is not something we want our children to be surrounded by. The U.S. government has thought of a way to stop minors from obtaining inappropriate games. The idea was that if anyone would sell an M-rated game to a minor, they could be put in jail. Of course, this law was never passed, but it would have been a good start.

According to, when children spend a lot of time on video games, it can cause them to become antisocial and more violent. Dr. Rene Weber of Michigan State University said, “violent video games have been frequently criticized for enhancing violent behavior. In my studies, first-person shooter games tend to bring out this violence.”

Many people don’t see the bad side of video games, they tend to focus on the good side. Phil Awada, owner of Greenfield Bikes and Video Games, says that video games actually help kids. “I get about 65-80 teens when a new video game comes out. Every time they come back, I ask them about their grades and they say they’re doing great. Heck, my son Sam averages a 3.7 and he plays a lot of video games!”

Some studies have shown that video games tend to increase hand-eye coordination. According to, researchers have found that video games can actually lead to creativity. Some people may use this finding as an excuse to play video games and say, “I’m trying to become creative.” That is not a habit worth getting used to, and parents, must take action.

Many kids have parents that limit their playing hours, but one parent has a different idea. Hussein Shukr, father of four, says:

“My kids just focus on their video games and nothing else. I limit my child’s playing hours to only the weekends so he can have extra time to do his homework and study without any distractions. Every Sunday, I take away the system and give it back on Friday.”

That is something that can motivate kids to do better in school. Many children however don’t care about school or anything else and just spend countless hours on their new video game.

There have been reports of people dying from video game addictions. Many of these cases come from places like North Korea and Japan. However, many people have started to try to break records in the video gaming world. Although this may sound like an accomplishment, many people lose their social life when they do this. This anti-social outcome can cause many kids to get bullied and then could lead them to commit suicide. The world of video games needs to be taken down a notch.

In conclusion, video games may seem fun at first, but can become a harm to us all. If you can put down your controller and focus on the important things in life, you can do a lot more. Once an addiction of gaming starts, it becomes very hard to get rid of it. So the next time you want to play a video game, ask yourself this: “is it worth it?”

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  1. Jamal Hamoud says:

    Good story, really like the quote and the picture.

  2. Saleh Ali says:

    I think they could truly decimate young people’s mind and even older people and ruin their chances of getting into a good college.

  3. Adnan Eidy says:

    Awesome story Houd!!! Good job!!

  4. Leena Alhawati says:

    Good Story

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