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How do you spell amazing behavior? Try P.B.I.S.

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source url P.B.I.S. This might seem to be just a bunch of letters, but these four letters are the reason behind the positive behavior at McCollough-Unis. The key to the positive behavior is the lanyard. “The lanyard provides the student immediate feedback on the child’s behavior. When it gets filled by a staff member, the focus card helps maintain the behavior of the student,” said Mr Swaidon. The lanyard also gives structure to self discipline. The letter I stands for INTERVENTION. Intervention means to counsel. This is the perfect example when you get the fourth infraction. Students who get four infractions are sent to the counselor. The message might be that when you mess around in class it hurts your grades. if you look at the students that are not participating and have low GPAs. The letter s stands for SUPPORT. That means corrective feedback to help the student get back on track.

Students who keep their number of infractions under four get an amazing reward day to thank them for the accomplishment. Reward day has opportunities to do many types of activities. They have included basketball shooting,scooter relay, running relay, football accuracy, Uno and drawing. On reward day, students are allowed to sigh up in their advisory. Then, at the event, the announcer would call out the activity and the students would go down for plenty of fun.

For students with more than five infractions, the day feels more like a punishment.

Therefore, the letters of PBIS, have a true meaning to all students. The P stands for Positive, the B stands for BEHAVIOR. They go with the already mentioned I, which stands for INTERVENTION, and the S for SUPPORT. The PBIS reward is a great way to help students recognize that great behavior equals reward and bad behavior equals punishment.

Finally, the PBIS Reward was a fun way to thank many students for their great work and amazing job when it comes to school. Also, it helps students stay motivated on their behavior so they can attend the next reward.

It is also helps the student focus on school work and not fool around, because school is very important to the next phase of education. Overall, PBIS is a great way for students to focus on school and their behavior.

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